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Getting there



Startup Day 2006

Live notes being posted every 10 to 15 minutes

Startup School 2006 - a diary


Anyone know if the Kresge has WiFi - I see mention of SubEthaEdit etc, but it might be wise for that to be explicitly stated. I know Stanford has Wifi, but it's WEP keyed (or at least it was during my last visit)

Stanford Visiting Resources (is campus small enough that any of these are good? anyone know the area?) Ex-student's recommendations

Driving anyone know if caltrain is good? Yes, unusually for bay area transportation it is exactly on time. Get to Palo Alto 20 mins early to get from the station to main campus (walking or waiting for the shuttle).

Caltrain works pretty well. You can get to it from SFO via the BART, and there's a shuttle bus from the train station that takes you around campus, Marguerite but check the schedule since it doesn't run that often on weekends.


What to do when you get there

Looking for places to eat or things to do when you get there? Check out interesting locations on Flagr. Feel free to add some flags, if you know the area.

Where to stay

People's projects, websites, and blogs

Group Coordination

Lunch Meetups

For Mac Users

I am going to be taking notes with SubEthaEdit, a collaborative group notetaking program. This worked very well in fall, and was a lot of fun too. If you want to get involved, just download the program. It is 30 day shareware for the newest version, and there is an older version you might be able to find that is completely free.

The WWW (We Want Woz) Petition

For those of you who attended Startup School last October in Cambridge, you will probably agree that Steve Wozniak gave an awesome talk. He is an inspiration for all of us and I would sure love to see him again at Stanford! If you don't know about Woz, check out his page on Wikipedia. Hint: Apple co-founder, invented the Apple II.

If you want to see Wozniak speak at Startup School Stanford 2006, please sign the petition!

Ask Caterina reddit

Submit a question (or vote others up or down) for Caterina Fake, Flickr's co-founder, to answer during her talk.

Ask Founders reddit

Submit a question (or vote others up or down) for Y Combinator founders to answer during their talk

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