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Add your url, name and email here so that everybody knows what you're up to.

[Ben kench] I am the owner and founder of ABC Training and Development - www.abctd.co.uk - and the UK's NO.1 Business Growth Specialist. We run an extremely successful upper management training course 'The Business Booster Programme' which more information is available at www.thebusinessbooster.co.uk - I also under the Giase of 'The Can Can Man' do Key-note speaking and presenting at national business exhibtions, see www.thecancanman.co.uk.

Startups.in (mail [at] jdoe [dot] net) - I'm from Sunnyvale, CA and would be interested to meet folks who are willing to advise on ways to market and grow the service that is close to completion.

Chris Lu (chris.lu at gmail) - Hi everyone, I am working on Java, and created DBSight that can tap into any database systems via JDBC and create a google-like search engine in 15 minutes! I am also interested in Ruby, working on an idea. Would like to meet anyone who is an expert on javascript and css.

Denis Bohm / Firefly Design - I'm involved in starting two companies and looking for more information on the non-technical side of things. One of the companies is creating a web service to take photos and music and turn them into a movie. It goes beyond a simple slide show and creates a cinematic experience by automatically composing the movie. You can give it a try: tracking shot. The other company is developing a behavioral sensing system that includes both hardware and software. The hardware, called a firefly, is a small wireless sensor that you can carry in a pocket, put in places, and attach to things. The fireflies can talk to each other and also to the Internet. One of the applications we are investigating is elderly care, and there are many others. We have working hardware are working on demonstration software. More information at Firefly Labs

Mik Lamming - I'm the other half of Firefly Labs described immediately above.

Check out www.messagr.com ! It's a new startup by Joel Selvadurai (joelselvadurai@gmail.com)

Carl Mercier (cmercier google mail); looking for 1-2 hackers/co-founders for my new venture!

RunThere.com looking for a couple of programmers/partners to take this running/community site to the top! Contact me Leo Hochberg (leo at runthere.com)

Tell Me Your Story! - Hi, I'm Mark Coker. I'm going to be covering the event for SiliconValleyWatcher. Are you planning to unveil a stealth startup that has never been covered before in the mainstream press? Drop me a short email at first initial last initial at dovetailpr.com with a subject line STARTUP SCHOOL. Please note I can't guarantee I'll include you because I have limited space, and no calls please. About me: I'm a long time entrepreneur and small business owner, currently planning my next startup. My day job is at Dovetail Public Relations. My last startup was called BestCalls.com, a company I sold to Shareholder.com which was itself acquired by the Nasdaq stock exchange earlier this year.

Rachna - An aspirational entrepreneur at-the-moment. Aspire to build an organization that makes great technology-based consumer products that millions of ppl will love to use. Hunting for a good-problem-to-solve in this space :). Looking fwd to connecting with like-minded folks. (rachna.emails at gmail) Blog

Zak Wilson (zak.wilson at google mail) (infogami page, doomed startup) - I'm looking for hackers to bounce ideas off of; maybe one will turn in to a startup. Interests include Lisp, Ruby and finding a model that doesn't suck for social networking.

Arjun - Ideas

flurrymail is a recent mobile startup founded by Sean Byrnes (sean (at) flurrymail.com), Gabe Vanrenen (gabe (at) flurrymail.com), Dan Scholnick (dan (at) flurrymail.com) and Karl Harris (karl (at) flurrymail.com)

Andrew Parker - Previous experience in online deliberation and small business e-commerce solutions. Looking ideas that simplify life for niche markets.

T Williams: Hackers don't move themselves - they build a cool app and get moving companies to bid for the work. I'm T, a former dev for companies like Avanade (at eBay), Wachovia, and a few others. After delivering a number web products successfully, I decided to go entrepreneurial and start Movescope.com - a site that helps connect households with feedback-rated movers. Now that I've relocated to San Fran (yes, using Movescope) I'm hoping to collaborate with other ambitious, inspired entrepreneurs to grow the business and launch others.

medmusings blog bio - Enoch Choi, MD @ PAMF, Consultant for EPIC, Healthline, OQO, Google

Chris Davies (chris at novelinteractions dot com); http://www.novelinteractions.com/ is my neglected, content free business placeholder. Developing software to make your mobile phone a first class citizen of any network. Flying in from the UK.

Jeffrey McManus - Recovering hacker and ongoing hacker-enabler. I run the Yahoo! Developer Network.

Tejit -- Enabled with Tejit's mykrokozm, a blogger's conversation can be brought back from the distributed silos to the original blog which started the thread. Try it out (the service is in extreme alpha stage), would appreciate your thoughts. Cheers! indus the at symbol tejit.com

[Jessica Richman] (mailto:jessica.richman@gmail.com): I'm a former entrpreneur, new Stanford student. I have a consumer Internet startup idea that I'm looking to discuss with VCs and angels.

Jason Banico -- Developed a social networking + blogging site for Southeast Asia called Funchain. Exploring new project ideas.

Matt Wynne - ambitious / lazy UK hacker hanging out in Vancouver at the moment, coming down to see what it's all about.

Pat Diven II: I run two websites, iOS (relaunching as "Ouranks" soon) and Add to Any. I'm located in the San Diego area and I'm glad that I finally have a chance to attend this event! I've been looking forward to it for quite a while. Feel free to contact me for anything at all.

Randall Neff: I want to build a new desktop computer, called Rock Solid where ALL of the executable code is in readonly flash memory. No viruses, no spyware, no rootkits. Powers up in a second. Ph.D. from Stanford in EE. Senior docent at Computer History Museum. Old fart.

Gregory Keeney: We are building a portable touchscreen device for preschoolers. Our content is being crafted with neurological development in mind--we want to give children increased critical thinking, creativity, and problem solving. We want to do more than simply teach the standard colors/shapes/letters--we want to develop a child's long term mental capacity. We want to make kids smarter.

James Nolan: We offer a web-based scheduling solution to niche markets in the construction industry.

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