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Startup School

Anyone have plans for Sunday

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I was thinking of taking a Duck Tour. http://www.bostonducktours.com/ -- Jeff Hunter (jeff@uncledirtae.com)

Update: We are taking the 3:00pm Duck Tour on Sunday from the Prudential Center. You can buy tickets online if you want to come too lortabs .

Would enjoy going to Dim Sum at China Pearl in Boston with others attending this. They have pretty large tables and it's a very disarming atmosphere. If you've never tried Dim Sum (or even heard of it) this is a great place and time to do so. I'd like to meet some like minded people and hear what others are working on. I'm always looking for new ideas, friends and possible partners. -- Brandon (brandonnardone @ google's mail service)

Count me tentatively in -Conrad (drcode gmail)

Add me for sure -Peter

Dim Sum sounds great to me -eliazar

Definitely - Lee

If anyone is interested in dining with a view, there is Top of the Hub at the top of the Prudential. You can see all of Boston, planes taking off, Charles river, etc. I live in Boston and it's my current favorite restaurant.

If enough people show interest, (5+), then I will make the reservations and make it an event. I will also invite two of my friends in the area, tempurpedicNick dePlume from thinksecret.com, and Robin Liss, from camcorderinfo.com, both #1 in their areas. Hopefully this lunch will allow us technipreneurs the rare chance to get together and talk about ideas, the industries, etc.

By the way, Dim Sum is great, but expect long waits for Sunday!
-- Wayne Chang (wayne.chang@i2hub.com)

--I'm up for dining at the Top of the Hub. Ok if I bring a business friend? - Jeremy Mims (jeremymims at gmail.com)

--Count me in, too. (d.scott.brown at the gmail you know and love)