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Any small teams of founders interested in sharing (cheap!) office space in Cambridge or Somerville starting in January 2006?


Hey all --

My name's Drew and I live in Cambridge. I'm about to take the plunge into working on my startup fulltime once I finish up my bachelor's at MIT (mercifully, in only 63 days :)) Working full time on my startup will be awesome, but like sitting in my room all day working by myself is a little less awesome. If any other entrepreneurs in the area are looking for office space starting around January '06 (Summer|Winter Founders, I'm looking at you ;)), I think it would be a lot of fun to cram a bunch of us into some ghetto office space (or even an apartment) so that we can root each other on, bounce ideas off of each other, grab lunches together, etc.

Anyway, I know real startup incubators exist, but they seem like overkill and are expensive (Cambridge Innovation Center is $500/month/person, which isn't that outrageous but still what they offer way exceeds what I'm looking for.) This could be a kind of "ghetto incubator" for some penny pinching young entrepreneurs :)

Does anyone else have a similar need? I'm envisioning maybe 2-4 small teams of 1-3 people each in this space (maybe more depending on interest.) Just thought I'd throw the idea out there and start a little list here of people that are interested.


Why not get an 2-3 bedroom apartment and turn the extra bedroom into the nerve center for everything else? That's how I've been running my startup for about a year and it saves a huge amount in terms of money, time, effort, etc. After all, if you get that bright idea at 2am when you're in your boxers, wouldn't it be nice to just walk down the hall and start working? Besides, if you're renting office space, you have to dress like you work in an office. The marginal cost of going from a 1 to a 2 or a 2 to a 3 bedroom apartment is normally only a couple hundred/month. Split it with another person or two and it's not bad at all. - Keith @ CaseySoftware.com

The problem with this arises when you're sharing an apartment with more people already -- I'm living in a house with 7 people in it (4 bedroom) so going from a 4->5 is a very significant increase in marginal cost ($2800/month vs. $3500 a month, if you can even find a five bedroom in Cambridge). Also, having someplace outside the house to escape to can be very beneficial: I have an office space at home, but I'm still in the middle of the hustle and bustle of people moving around me. A seperate office doesn't have to be the only place you do work, but it can be an additional place to do work. -- Christopher Schmidt

People Interested

Name(s): Drew Houston
Email: houston@mit.edu
Company: Accolade, an online SAT prep company (http://www.accoladeprep.com)
Starting: January 2006

Name(s): Adam Thorsen
Email: adam.thorsen@gmail.com
Company: Owyhee Software, LLC
Starting: Nov. 2005

Name(s): Shimon Rura
Email: shimon@rura.org
Starting: Nov. 2005

Name(s): Christopher Schmidt
Email: crschmidt@crschmidt.net
Starting: Nov. 2005

Name: Dane Summers Email: dsummers@bobobble.net Starting: Dec. 2005

Name(s): Charles Poole
Email: fafnir665@gmail.com
Starting: Jan 2006

Name(s): Jason Reuben Email: jreuben1@babson.edu Starting: Jan 2006

Name(s): Sam Odio Email: sam -a- odioworks.com Company: Dinar Profits, MyTeks, BluWiki, OnTheGrounds, OdioWorks Starting: Whenever