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Ex-student's recommendations

Hi, I'm Randall Neff, I suffered here for five years. Looks like the weather tomorrow will be wonderful.

Cantor Arts Center / Museum has the second best collection of Rodin scupture in the world. Entry is free. Parking is free on Saturday and Sunday. Also has stuff from Leland Stanford, railroad baron, Civil War governor, and, later, U.S. Senator, and his wife, Jane Lathrop Stanford. About a mile from Kresge. Has cafe open Sat and Sun, 11am-5pm

Also Rodin and other scupture scattered around campus. [Map link] (http://museum.stanford.edu/view/outdoor_sculpture.html}

Stanford Memorial Church, nicknamed Mem Chu, is incrediably beautiful inside: stained glass windows and illustrative mosaics. Second best pipe organ in Bay Area. Free. Massively rebuilt after 1906 earthquake, and damaged in 1989 earthquake. About half a mile.

[Hoover Tower Observation Platform] (http://www.stanford.edu/group/religiouslife/aboutMemorialChurch.html} is in the top of Hoover Tower. Highest building around. Incredible views. Cost is $ 2.00. About half a mile, quarter mile from Mem Chu.

Tresidder Memorial Union is about a quarter mile away, and has a number of food options on Saturday: -Tresidder Express: (Sat) 10am-6pm, think "7-11" convenience store. -The Treehouse: (Sat) 10am-11pm, Mexican, sushi, indoor and outdoor. -Subway: (Sat) 12-6pm. sandwiches. -Jamba Juice (Sat) 8am-8pm.
-Coffee House (Sat) 11am-6pm Sandwiches, salads, coffee drinks,

Other Saturday snacks/coffee: -Moon Bean Cafe, in front of Green Library (quarter mile), 10am-6pm -Stanford Bookstore cafe, on second floor, right next to Kresge, 9am-6pm.

Inspiration for new founders: - Terman Engineering Building was mostly money from Bill Hewlett and David Packard, because Fred Terman introduced them to each other. - David Packard Electrical Engineering Building - William R. Hewlett Teaching Center - James H. Clark Center (has a cafe called "Mosaic") - Sherman Fairchild Science Center - Gates Computer Science