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What paths of life is everyone coming here from?

Hi All, My name is David Dundas. I am 24, Boston College Graduate (2003) where I majored in Information Systems at the Carrol School of management. I now living in New York City working in business development for a small wireless entertainment startup called Thumbplay. I have worked for startups since my graduation. I have started a company which is still in stealth, and I am very excited about. It will be great to meet all of you guys who are likely WAY smarter than me! You can email me at dundas (at) kefentse.com

Hi, My name is Carl Mercier. I'm 26, live near Montreal in Canada and I'll be driving to Boston for the conference. I own a company that created a leisure management software for summer camps, municipalities, outdoor centers, community centers, etc.

I have a degree in Business Management from Stonehill College (North Easton, MA) and UQTR (Canada) and a sound engineering degree. I have been doing all kind of crazy stuff with computers (ie: programming!) since I was 6 or 7.

I am very interested in finding partners for a new BIG projects! I have very strong management skills with a great global vision. Looking to start the next great thing with you!

Contact me at carl +at+ adonistech.com!

Hey all! My name is Sam Odio. I'm 20 yrs old and I basically love to INNOVATE. Projects that I've started & run include:
- http://www.bluwiki.org - web publishing, wiki style.
- http://www.OnTheGrounds.com - free online UVA classifieds
- http://www.DinarProfits.com - Invest in Iraqi Dinars
- http://www.OdioWorks.com - my company, that runs all this
- You can find out more about me and all this here: http://www.bluwiki.org/go/Sam_Odio.

But I want to do something BIGGER, and have several ideas in mind. Right now they revolve around using P2P and Wiki technology in new ways. But I believe the project doesn't matter, what matters is the people. If you're a web geek / programmer / entrepreneurship freak - I would LOVE to hear from you. My biggest problem is finding other people that are as passionate about startup projects as I am - that is why I am so glad to have found this place. You can email me at sam@odioworks.com. Or, better yet, since the startup school is out at 5, grab dinner with me.

Hey everyone, I'm Ryan Kent Culpepper, 23. I guess you'd call me an inventor, though probably less than half of what I invent consists of actual physical stuff. The rest is business models, algorithms etc. Some conceptual art (I get a great kick out of the idea of accumulating a bowl of medically polymerized goldfish, as a visual pun.) So really you'd call me more of a lunatic. Like a few others I'm not a programmer. I know CS grad student types, though, and run ideas by them. They tell me I'm not completely full of shit.

ryan.k.culpepper, gmail, etc.

Greetings, I'm Patrick Fitzsimmons, a senior at Yale Univserity. I love building cool software and starting businesses. In the past I've created a social media player software and an iTunes-like program for video (www.lanovision.com). Now I'm working on a startup with some friends doing a web application for group collaboration. My weapon of choice is Python. Email me if you want to meet up. patrick dot fitzsimmons at yale dot edu - www.fitzblog.com

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from the University of Maine. I have been in the industry about 3 years now building a plethora of both small web applications all the way to tier 1 ecommerce applications. I have also taken certifications for Linux+, as well as courses and industry experience in information architecture / information design. I am very much a propenent of web standards, and have won a multitude of awards both myself and for my company in the area of design, standards, as well as ecommerce platforms.

In my spare time I tinker with FOSS projects, ruby on rails, linux, design, and network security. I play a lot of videogames to, too many.

I think I would fall more into the category of Chris Duncan and Guerilla Tactics for the Career Programmer. The ins and outs of busniess and coding which can get really messy between clients, what you should build, why should you build it, what the designers give you, when to say no, and how to manage tons of information properly. 2 clicks is 2 many.

I am primarily here to make friends in the community, as well as networking, and I feel that I can bring some answers to some questions regarding project life cycles, design, information design, audiences and architecture.

I am looking forward to meeting all of you ambitious startup entrepreneurs, as well as Paul Graham. I admire all of you for doing what you do, I know it isnt what's right for me necessarily, I am pretty content doing what I am doing and working with the amazing team I am surrounded by. We have a lot of play for what we can do and why we can. Kind of an oddball out of the market, we tend think of ourselves as open source programmers even though we do work in a shop. I am more of an advocate for FOSS solutions, and a proponent of open source which doesn't wield itself lightly to a product or startup.

I think in the end I want to push some thoughts out there on what the web is and what it really isn't and the convoluded mess in-between it has become.

Looking forward to meet you all - m@

e: mteece on GMAIL

I'm Chris Erbach, 19, a student at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, although my home is in the US. I'm a CS major who would love to found a startup related to networking and communications, hopefully catching the worldwide IPv6 deployment and ubiquitous networking wave.

I've been using computers since before I could read and write, and in third grade I was designing flyby logos for my future software company. I was doing contract development at 14 and wrote an online homework submission website for my school district at 15 that was deployed across its schools. Since then, I've been sampling corporate life — through my University I worked for a term at IBM Canada on DB2 and now I'm doing corporate web work at a digital effects studio — but I'm tired of other peoples' work and I'm yearning to ride towards my own future.

I'm really looking forward to the startup school because of the excellent speakers and because I'd love to make friends in the community. Pleasure to meet you all!

Email: designfu on gmail

Hi tech entrepreneurs,

I'm Wayne Chang, and I work in Boston and live on Boylston St (across the street from Copley). I am currently the CEO of i2hub.com, a very popular P2P service for college students. i2hub has appeared in over 10,000 publications, national TV, and radio.

I am also the Director of Corporate Communications for Pacific Northwest Software. With Pacific Northwest Software, we help companies from startups to Fortune 500's build their products. Some notable startups that we've helped build -- Mashboxx, first authorized P2P service; ConnectU.com, social networking site for college students; Jungalu.com, textbook/cd/dvd exchange between students. Some notable larger companies -- Microsoft, where we developed a lot of their web presence including Microsoft Retail, Microsoft Xbox, Microsoft New Zealand, Microsoft Mindshare; Credit Suisse, we are developing MARCS -- a Sarbanes-Oxley compliance system; United States Postal Service, we developed the OCR technology and hardware system that translates all our messy handwriting into legible barcodes to efficiently route mail traffic.

I've been working professionally since I was 11 and started my first company, Scene Review, then sold it 2 years later. I've also created software such as MyAdvantage, which was downloaded and used by millions of people, and subsequently became a security consultant for AllAdvantage. Around the same time I was also an administrator for Napster (first gen with Shawn Fanning). In the gaming industry, I wrote some utilities and advisories on security issues for the Quake 3 gaming engines, and also wrote LanCraft for Warcraft 3. I've also worked in the social networking field and stay in touch with facebook guys (Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and Sean Parker, President).

There are many more, but I'll just mention one: Nestea2, a utility that crashed windows, linux, bsd, cisco routers, palm pilots, printers, etc.

Also, since I live in the area, if any of you guys are coming in early or staying late, feel free to drop me a line and we can organize a post-startup school brunch and make sure we have all exchanged our contact info to stay in touch. =)

This will be a great place to meet the next generation of leaders.

UPDATE: Actually, after reading what I just wrote, this link pretty much sums it up: http://tinyurl.com/77gv9

Looking forward,
Wayne Chang

Email: d.scott.brown at gmail.com
Age: 23

Education (schools, degrees, majors):
2005 - University of Pennsylvania, BAS, Individualized Major (a hybrid of computer science and entrepreneurship)

If you're out of school, where do you work, and at what?
I work from my apartment in Philadelphia. I started my first tech company when I was 15, raised my first seed investment when I was 17, and have lead contract projects as a designer, coder, and consultant for the past eight years. I am currently building a distributed system that enables computers to comprehend and inductively reason about human knowledge and natural language.

What's the coolest thing you've built?
The coolest thing I built is my current project and the component pieces that comprise it. If you want finished products, cool things include a freely distributed, commercial quality computer game (www.marathonrubicon.com), for which I led an international team of 32 people over the course of 4 and 1/2 years. More recently, I finished up two client websites that should engage and amuse: http://www.dwmphoto.com/, http://www.crismanphoto.com/.

Hey all --

I'm Drew Houston, a second term senior at MIT in computer science (took a year leave to work at a software startup and now finishing a semester early) and I started an online SAT prep company called Accolade (http://www.accoladeprep.com) with an English instructor from my former high school (he's a Harvard grad.) I've been programming since I was a little kid (any Python hackers out there?) but since coming to MIT have focused especially on developing my business, communication, and leadership skills (through working for startups, networking with other entrepreneurs, taking MBA classes at Sloan, reading business books, etc) to become one of those rare (and highly valued ;)) business-savvy technologists :)

Looking forward to meeting everyone -- I live in the area and if any of you out-of-town students or recent grads need a free place to stay I live in a house and have an extra couch. If anyone wants to meet up beforehand for dinner or drinks, I'm definitely up for that too.

I'm an undergrad at Rutgers University. I've been a huge fan of Graham's essays since highschool, and have been thinking about starting something for awhile, but am afraid of the technical and bureacratic aspects of starting a business. I'm hoping SS can be helpful, looking forward to meeting everyone.

Hello. I'm Aaron Farr and I'm a software engineer with Sony Electronics and a member of the Apache Software Foundation. Finished my undergrad from University of Pittsburgh in scientific computing about two years ago. I'm working on an MBA in the evenings now. Intending to start a company next year and very much looking forward to this startup school.

How are you guys going to cite this degree on your CV?

I'm a University of Idaho grad, and I've been working for the gov't as a researcher for the past couple of years, but I'm taking some time off to work on some ideas I've been kicking around for a while. I filed for an LLC in Delaware recently. I guess I'll find out in this school whether or not I should have incorporated instead :) I'm currently looking for partners (gov't employees can be extremely risk averse).

-Adam (adam.thorsen@gmail.com)

Hi all. I graduated from Rose-Hulman a bit more than 4 years ago, so that may make me the senior guy in the group. Scary, huh? Anyway, I worked extensively in both the government and private sectors and starting about this time last year, I started building my client base in order to take the plunge and start my own company. By January 2004, I had replaced my entire income and then some, so I launched CaseySoftware, LLC ( http://CaseySoftware.com ). I have two developers who work for/with me and have been steadily growing my client base to include numerous industries and have a pretty impressive stack of applications going. I'm also a core contributor to dotProject - the web-based Project Management System.

I have a thread including some other Startup School participants discussing rides and such: http://blogs.caseysoftware.com/?q=node/147

I'm a medical software developer and lisp/scheme fanatic, now living near NYC. I had a stint back in the 90s developing games for the Atari Jaguar game console (google "FlipOut!"). I have a medical degree from the U of Miami School of Medicine. I'm interested in knowledge representation, knowledge transformation techniques and graphical representations of data. www.lisperati.com

-Conrad (drcode at google mail)

Hello all! I'm a software developer with roots going back to mincomputers and early Macintoshes. I'm interested in development tools, espcially distributed authoring and automated ways of identifying software defects and development bottlenecks.

Q: How are you guys going to cite this degree on your CV? A: It would look better on top of a funding proposal than under a cover letter.

Hello everyone! Based on everyone's bios, I seem to be the token Roman Hruska representative here. Been writing code since 1988 as a teenager, and managed to avoid academic probation long enough to get a History degree in '95. Parlayed that into working with computers in a variety of roles since '94, in both Canada and now the US, with a brief startup business foray in '97. Didn't work out, but broke even so no harm done.

Right now I realize that this might be my last opportunity to avoid a corporate environment - I've made enough that I can take one last fun risk before the kids get too old and expensive. Hopefully I've got enough experience to be interesting, along with some interesting side forays along the way into politics and immigration law which might help someone.

Right now I'm a Java developer as my "day job", and then every night I go home to work on deltava.org which I've been running since 2001. 1,000 members and a million-row database which is more exciting than the crud at work.

Looking forward to seeing y'all soon! -Luke luke at sce dot net

Hello peoples, I might be an odd one out here as I'm not a programmer (but I'm learning). I am: Brazilian/British graphic and web designer, HTML/CSS/Typography samurai, amateur photographer, blues guitarist, internet and computer enthusiast. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone, learning, exchanging ideas and perhaps joining a startup!


-SimonGriffee |at| gmail |dot| com


I'm in Boston starting my final year of a Bachelor's in CS and currently sending out graduate applications. I'm spending my second co-op period at a startup, Brontes Technologies, where I'm having a blast. I'm as interested in talking and sharing ideas with the attendees of this as I am in hearing the talks.

-Brandon brandonnardone@ google's mail service

Hi, I'm Eduardo, Software Engineer from México. I'm specially interested on tapping the possibilities of the global market that web solutions is. It's marvelous that, for the first time, borders may dissapear through technology. I own a startup focused on custom applications, but I'm looking for possibilities. eduardofv _at google email service. (BTW, looking for cheap accomodations, may travel with company)

Sold my house and moved to Newburyport (north of Boston), and am trying to make a go of it- so far, so good. I'm Tim Howland, and I've survived 10 years at various dot com interactive agencies, building software. I'm really interested in meeting folks in the Boston area- I know the NYC area pretty well, but don't know anyone local yet. My new company is Watchdog Systems (http://www.wdogsystems.com)- the idea is to help interactive agencies convert project work into recurring revenue by assisting with deployment and web operations (incident response, monitoring, hosting, and maintenance work), as well as offering hosted development tools (wikis, bugtrackers, load bangers, security scanners) to help them through the final throes of development and deployment.

Hello. I am a junior at Yale, majoring in math. No doubt like most of you, I am largely a self-taught programmer. Having suffered some of the horrors of the corporate programming world, I am excitied about the idea of creating a startup, both for the pure joy of using the best technologies and for the potential returns. I think a lot about programming language design in my free time, and I have a strong interest in Lisp and functional languages; I believe functional languages are underutilized on the web, particularly on the client side.

I look forward to meeting all of you in hopes of finding future partners and contacts.

-john dot starks at yale dot edu.

Hello all. My name is Mike Coyle. My partner and I quit our day jobs this summer to spin up Botonomy LLC (www.botonomy.com), a software and services firm in the Philadelphia area. Our vision for Botonomy is to offer a suite of useful, approachable, and configurable hosted (ASP) applications that play nicely with our customers' existing IT investments. Our first product is ProjectPipe.com, a hosted solution that simplifies IT project management for mid-size distributed teams. ProjectPipe is in early beta at this point.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in Startup School, and I look forward to meeting everyone.

-mcoyle at botonomy dot com

Hi, I am Adam Ely. I am a MBA student at Florida State, work in information security and in the procress of founding a start up (Shameless plug www.780inc.com).

-business adam dot ely at 780inc dot com personal altomo at altomo dot info

I'm Jeremy Edberg, but most people call me jedberg. I officially graduated from UC Berkeley in 2004, but my 10 year high school reunion was just a few weeks ago. This is probably because I’m not very good at staying in school – I tend to leave every few semesters to either work for someone else or do my own thing. I’ve worked at a startup, and now I work for a big company (Security Engineer at eBay/PayPal for the last 2+ years). I’ve decided that I want to do my own thing again, and so I’m flying across the country for startup school. I’m looking forward to meeting a bunch of people who are interested in startups too, and hope to meet some new friends and maybe business partners.

jedberg at gmail

I'm Eric Floehr, 35, father of two beautiful girls of 7 and 8. My Dad joined a small startup called CompuServ (which eventually became Compuserve), so I've had the startup bug all my life. I sold a Commodore 64 blackjack game when I was in High School, and now am working on ForecastWatch.com. I'm not full-time with it, but want to be (well I want to be full time building a company). Here is an article from the Columbus Daily Reporter with a little more about my company. I live in the Columbus, Ohio area. I manage software development and program Java by day, and am a Python and Ruby nut by night. ForecastWatch is entirely written in Python, and was mentioned in the second edition of O'Reilly's Python Success Stories. I'm looking forward to hearing the speakers, but just as much being in a room with people with such great ambition!

eric at floehr dot com


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    Hi There ! Lots of impressive resumes and credentials in this list :-) I'm afraid I'm much more of a low key type of guy, currently slaving away for a Fortune 500 company as a systems architect and lead developer on the east coast, building web-based business applications. I am 34 and I've been filling someone else's pockets for too long, so I'd rather work for myself now :-) I am also a Frenchman and I will be relocating to Europe shortly where I plan to get started building on my spare time a prototype of what could become a suite of ASP applications in the e-marketing space. I won't be coming up w/ technological break-troughs most likely, I just want to build high quality software and provide outstanding customer service & support to make a difference (and not just pay lip service to the concepts) : there is so much crap out there that actually sells that I'm bound to succeed :-D. Very much looking forward to listening to some of the famous names in the speakers line-up and meeting everybody !!

    daniel dot fauxpoint at gmail

    Hi All, My name is David Wurtz. I am an undergraduate bioengineer at Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering. I have been involved in a number of startup ventures since high school. I was involved in a project to solve the protein folding problem using FPGA supercomputers, and I cofounded a web development studio during the internet boom, among other things. I'm currently involved in a project to create the next lava-lamp type item (I know it sounds crazy, but I have a very cool technology that I plan to implement). I'm very excited to meet you all. I'm always up for talking about potential startup ideas. Some would say I'm addicted.

    dave at students dot olin dot edu

    Hello! I'm Mike Caudy, and I am a biologist doing research on genes that control nervous system development. Many of these are DNA binding transcription factors, and for the past 2-3 years I have been moving into genome informatics, writing software (Perl scripts) to search genomic DNA sequences for specific patterns of DNA binding sites that regulate gene expression in the nervous system. This also involves integrating large amounts of genetic information from online databases, and the knowledge management software that we have developed to handle that information could be the basis for a startup. I look forward to meeting everyone in Boston. mcaudy at med dot cornell dot edu

    Hey, my name is Adam Goldstein, and I'm a high school senior in New Jersey. I've worked on a few books for O'Reilly (AppleScript: The Missing Manual, Mac OS X Power Hound, and, most recently, Switching to the Mac: The Missing Manual, Tiger Edition). I'm a pretty much self-taught Mac nerd and programmer, and I moonlight as the president of GoldfishSoft (www.goldfishsoft.com), a company I started to distribute shareware games and utilities. More recently, I've gotten interested in the whole field of web programming. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone!

    adamg {at} oreilly {dot} com

    Hi, I'm Brian Duffy, and I am currently an IT Manager for the NYS Government after being one of the lead tech guys for a big systems management app implemenation. I'm 27, and interested in consolidating and making data more available. I get annoyed by the ridiculous amount of information that is locked away in databases and email boxes big and small, guarded by ranks of DBAs and process. Looking forward to meeting everyone, having such a variety of interests and talent in one room should make for an interesting day!

    bduffy at duffyb dot com

    Hello everyone, My name is Benson Fung, age 24, from a suburb of Chicago, Il. I am currently working as a Software Engineer at a small, high growth company writing web applications. When I'm not programming, I'm learning about business and entrepreneurship. Somewhere in the future, I hope to gather a group of people to solve practical problems that have an impact in the world immediately, and I believe this event is a step in the right direction for me.

    fung [dot] benson [at] gmail [dot] com

    Hello there! My name is Alexis Rondeau, 27, and graduating from University of Vienna, Austria next year. My academic research is currently focussed on Grid Computing and Web Services and how end-users can have fun with it. Furthermore my agenda is to free emerging knowledge from the boundaries of computers and merge it with reality. I want to bring back the right information to the relevant place in physical space. I am the founder of - and in love with - my project "Semapedia.org - The Physical Wikipedia". Of course I am very much looking forward meeting so many highly talented entrepreneurs!

    '(alexis (dot) rondeau (at) gmail (dot) com)

    Hi Everybody. My name is Thom Rossi, and I appear to be one of the few "non-programmers" here. I am a tester/QA person by trade, and trying to startup a company with a programmer freind at night. I was Director of Product Quality for a DOD/Aerospace software company until recently, when I left to free up more time for my company. I look forward to meeting everybody and hopefully making some good connections! Thom - tpr110 (at) macconnect(dot)com

    Whoa! I meant to come back here and write a proper introduction, but I never did. Here goes.

    Hello! My name is Luc Fueston, and I'm already awed. Paul Graham and Stephen Wolfram on the same day? NKS and On Lisp are two books that refresh and inspire a weary mind like no other. Very much looking forward to hearing them speak!

    In fact, I almost feel bad in agreeing with most of the people here: as amazing as it will be to hear Graham, Wolfram and Woz on the same bloody day, I look forward most to meeting like minds (or, better, interestingly unlike minds) among my fellow attendees.

    I like the fact that the wiki hasn't restricted the type of content we can create; that lets us do fun stuff, like the following.



    something fun[toggle]


    If you have javascript running, I hope that the 'something fun' shows up for you! It's something I was compelled to make as soon as I read (on this wiki) that wolfram would be there. ;) Just an outburst of boyish enthusiasm.

    I'll see you all in a few days!

    Hey, I'm Eliazar Parra, 20, a web programmer/designer who studied Math 2 years but dropped out a year ago to pursue webapp-colored dreams.

    The 2 things I like most are programming and design, but doing just one eventually, well, bores me. I think that's one of the reasons I'm so fascinated with webapps: I can juggle both. The other reason, of course, is the sheer sense of possibility of the web.

    I spent last year studying by myself: reading scores of deeply important books, and learning webspeak: HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Ruby (yey!) first; and later Rails (yey!), AJAX, XML, MySQL, and so on. A concrete result of this learning spree is this weird description collection I did as a testingboard. I also digressed for a while, dabbling in artificial languages (I wrote this Spanish Toki Pona manual for instance).

    This year (I start counting on August) I want to have a working prototype of my dream webapp: a beautiful and elegant aide-mémoire. I want to do the killer app that does to memory what the calculator did to mental calculation, what word-processing did to writing, what Photoshop did to painting (If you've read Doug Engelbart, you'll understand). I'm fascinated by J.C.R. Licklider's vision of a human-computer symbiosis. I dream big and, clearly, I'm also a tad delusional. Good nut that I am, I could go on and on about it, but this should work for an intro.

    I live in Guadalajara, Mexico, and will be flying a long way to attend this. I hope to make many friends and meet inspiring, ambitious people throughout the SS and the days before and after (I'll be staying for a week). See you there! (If you want to meet me at the SS, I'll be wearing a green handmade esperanto-starred necklace for lots of weird reasons.)


    Hi, my name is Jared and I'm a undergrad EE. My team is myself and 2 other EEs. I won't waste your time trying to impress you, like with the company I started at age 4 and that time I made a computer self aware. We're not programmers per se, as EEs we're more comfortable with assembly than java. We aren't registered either, but I'd give a kidney to see The Woz. So we're just going to come and stand in the back and drool, I hope you don't mind.

    Hey guys, my name is Nigel Jacob and I'm a gradstudent at Tufts. I worked for a bunch of years in various Boston-area startup before I went back to school. My hope in going back to school was that I would learn something new that I could turn into a startup of my own. It worked. I've got a couple of ideas, but the one I'm most interested in comes out of my research in machine learning. I'm developing a natural-language-based text indexer/dataminer that can determine the truth or lack thereof of claims made in a certain domain (politics, in this case). The idea is to be able to automatically verify or falsify statements made by politicians and political groups so that we have a better idea of who to believe. I call it DataminingForDemocracy.

    nsjacob at gmail dot com

    Hi, my name is Jeremy Mims, I'm 23 and I started two companies a few months ago. One company will have our class leading local search product up in Beta at the end of October. The other company is still looking to provide seed funding for the right kind of startup team and is looking for a highly qualified partner for another venture. I live in Cambridge, MA around Central Square so it's a short jaunt for me, but I'm thrilled that this will be an international meetup of sorts. There's really nothing like meeting hundreds of people with the same dreams and aspirations as yourself all in one auditorium. I'm really looking forward to it. If you're around the Boston area for a few days after the conference, I'd be happy to show you around the city. Feel free to email me if you have any questions at all: jeremymims at gmail.com. You're welcome to ask me questions in lieu of the giant repository of local information we've accumulated and haven't quite gotten online yet.

    Tip for visitors: I highly recommend visiting Boston's aquarium if you have some free time and eating at the Union Oyster House (try eating true Boston Chowda at America's oldest restaurant). Aquarium stop on the Blue Line.

    Hey guys, my name is Gustavo Muñoz, 32, Applied Maths Bachelor. I have worked in a couple of startups. Currently I work for JackBe (an AJAX startup). I like Lisp,Scheme (just learning), Java and JavaScript. Hope to make a lot of fruitful relationships at SS. I'm very excited about this experience. In my team there are two more guys, maybe one of them also fly for SS. I live in Mexico City and I'm sure the trip will be worthy enough.


    Hi, my name is Danny Gagne. I'm a Senior Computer Science student at Northeastern. I like Smalltalk, Scheme, C#, JavaScript, and Ruby (learning). I'm very interested in the semantic web. See ya there.

    Hi all,

    My name is Matt Menard and at 28 I appear to be one of the old members attending the confernce. I live in southeastern Massachusetts and work for General Dynamics as a software engineer. My credentials include a BS from U-Mass Dartmouth in computer science, an MS from Northeastern University in computer science and I'm currently working on my masters in electical engineering at WPI. On the side I enjoy writting software for myself where I'm not restricted by a creative-supressing process. My languages of choice include Python, Perl, C/C++ and Java. I'm working to start my own start-up and that's why the startup school interested me so much. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you.

    matt.menard at gmail.com

    Hello, I am John Hornbeck and I am 25 years old. I own and run a company based out of Oklahoma (okrobo.com). I have been working on this company since June and we develop custom Ruby on Rails apps as well as work with small robots. I am a sophmore at Devry University. I program in LISP, Ruby, Python, C#, and HTML/CSS/Javascript. Having worked with RoR for the past few months I am also falling in love with AJAX. I am very interested in web based applications and thin clients. See you there.

    hornbeck at gmail dot com

    I am developing somthing like this (an information server that is capable of federating information across the web, intelligently caching and scaling linearly) except completely generic (not just atom.) I have a lot of interesting ideas for apps built on this system, so i'm pretty excited. If you're interested in something similar, drop me a line.

    jordan52 &at& gmail

    Hello, my name is Stefan Hayden and I am a recent graduate from The College of New Jersey where I got a degree in Graphic Design and have just moved to Boston. Just recently I have started working for Sconex.com building user interfaces. I have always been interested in web start ups and am happy to now work for one. In the future I look forward to teaming up with other web fanatics and helping to shape the future of the web.

    Though I have been programming for several years I am a designer and enjoy coming at problems from a design stand point. I hope that by being a minority as a designer I am able to add some fresh view points on how to tackle web problems.

    As a designer I have also gotten very involved with AIGA. Currently they are very print based but I hope to help the organization bring a stronger focus to design on the web and get more designers thinking about solving problems on the web with design.

    I'm also a contributor to the Bostonist.com which is a great site if you want to track Boston news while you are in the area.

    alt255 at gmail dot com

    Hi my name is Anthony Elizondo. I am 25 and I currently work at Vonage, where I can't say i founded it, but my employee number is in the double digits. I went to Johns Hopkins for CS. I will be coming from central New Jersey on Friday morning, leaving on Sunday night.

    I am interested in IP networking, social interactions, AI, and markets. I look forward to meeting really interesting people at SS. See you there!

    Not that I mind, or that I'm bragging, but I'm Kevin Shockey and at 42, I'm sure I am the old man of the group. :/

    I'm going to SS because I want to mimic, model, morph what the partners at Y Combinator are doing in the creation of a Web 2.0 virtual incubator (a company that creates companies). Initially I am basing this start-up in Puerto Rico, but I would like to see it expand into other major innovation centers. This is going against all practical wisdom, but Puerto Rico is my home and I want to kick start the global Internet economy there.

    PR wasn't always my home. I grew up in Indiana, joined the Army, and lived in Maryland for seven years before moving. I spent 16 years believing I wanted to be a CIO. After becoming a director of software development, I discovered that it really sucks and that most senior executives have no souls.

    After being "down-sized" I dedicated myself to becoming an entrepreneur. I co-founded SNAP Platform with a few friends and we obtained a grant from the Puerto Rican government to start the SNAP Development Center, an open source software development company within Interamerican University of Puerto Rico. Our grant is running out, so soon I'll do some consulting on the side while I get the incubator up and running.

    I'm looking forward to meeting as many SS attendees as possible, and brainstorming ways to help out everyone I meet. I'll be available Saturday after the SS to meet with other attendees and build-up our connections. If we don't meet, drop me a line: kevin at x-cito dot com.

    Hello, My name is Tom Porter, and at 51, maybe I'm the oldest geek here. After 25 years of coding COBOL on mainframes down in North Carolina, my wife and I have relocated to Albany, NY and I am looking to turn over a new leaf. Finding Linux in 1996 probably saved my brain from the terminal effects of exposure to COBOL. Python and perl have kept life fun the past few years, and now Ruby and Lisp are tying my mind in knots. After recently reading "Search" I hope to get better ideas about the different financial models used on the Web. Get in touch at Tom.X.Porter at gmail dot com.

    My name is Kevin Hale and I'm one of the co-founders of Particletree Inc. and Editor-in-Chief of Treehouse. I work with two brothers (Chris and Ryan Campbell) and we started our thing in March. We are all in our mid-twenties. We, for the most part, work on web development projects and see all problems as opportunities. If you'd like to know more about us, check out the web sites. I look forward to meeting everyone. Please feel free to contact us at anytime.

    Kevin (kevin@particletree.com) Chris (chris@particletree.com) Ryan (ryan@particletree.com)

    In brief: I'm Thom Goodsell, a Lisp/Python/Java/C++ hacker, human factors and usability geek, AI/Robotics guy, musician, and dad. I thrive when I'm part of a small, smart, dedicated team implementing an exciting (or as we say around here, wicked pisser) vision. Like most of you, I'm coming to SS both to gather whatever pearls of wisdom I can from the speakers and to spend the day with like-minded folk. I have a background that spans robotics and planning, computer vision, and now retail optimization. My education is in Literary Studies, Artificial Intelligence, and Human Factors. (Yes, that's 3 degrees: one finished, one abandoned, and one in process.) I am interested in...uh...well, just about everything. I'm really, really interested in solving hard, valuable problems.

    I live in the area and would be happy to show people around; my email and phone are on the contact page.

    Hi, my name is Michael Dakin. I graduated from college in 2000 with a Bachelor of Science degree in the subject of "Electrical Engineering and Computer Science" (one degree.) This degree is also known as "Course VI-2." After graduation I worked for four years as an embedded software engineer with a major consumer electronics company developing the firmware that makes their home theater systems operate. A little over a year ago I co-founded a company with three others and attempted to productize some academic research. Unfortunately the company did not work out but on the bright side I learned a lot about people and business. Currently I'm working solo primarily on learning some new technologies and writing code but I soon hope to start developing some new business ideas that I've come up with.

    Stream of consciousness: To me engineering in general and programming in particular are (well-loved) means to an end. I am looking for a palatable end toward which to work. I enjoy solving problems that have some real-world consequence (help people, make money, move something, etc.) I have a high tolerance for messy, boring, pain-in-the-butt problems provided they have real-world consequences. I've found that I can make clean, neat systems even with horrible tools provided that the tools at least work as specified; for that reason I'm not very picky about using any particular tool. At this time my programming-language-of-instinct is C++ (using it off-and-on for 10 years and then very heavily at work has it stuck in my brain.) Before C++ it was Scheme, a language that I love to this day for its elegant simplicity. My instincts for craftsmanship extend beyond programming and electronics. I enjoy fixing and making all sorts of things. Including beer and bread. I have not thought enough about mathematics for a long time and I miss it. But at the same time I'm more interested in working in the context of the "real world" than I am in the abstractions of my brain. I enjoy most cooperation and working with others; that's the biggest single thing that I miss about working for a big company. I've never quite liked the word 'entrepreneur.' I highly value modesty and tact. Have fun and take care!

    Peyton Sherwood here. Graduated in 2004 from Harvard w/ a degree in Computer Science. I currently work for a large hedge fund which specializes in "the intersection between technology and finance" - I'm the "special technology coordinator" for the CEO. Gives me an interesting perspective on a position similar to one I plan to hold some day. I also started a small consulting company in high school and ran a theater company one summer. Besides technology/gadgets/building cool stuff, my passions lie in music, human language, systems analysis, and the right and wrong ways to apply statistics to humans.

    Most of the tools we have at our disposal suck. I know this well; my day job is helping smart non-technical people use them. And build something useful out of them. And keep them running. (IT Manager at a medium size nonprofit.)

    Why is this? We can do better.

    I do lots of things EXCEPT program, which I'm OK at, but not great. Computers and technology, music and audio (I'm a recording engineer on the side), management and organizational ideas (how can organizations bet a lot BETTER?), hands-on (building somewhat of a recording studio).

    I definitely subscribe to the "Shoot for the moon and maybe you'll hit next door, and maybe you'll hit the moon" school of thought. And I love the "creative process".

    Looking forward to meeting y'all -- Ramsey Tantawi ramsey at oscillations.org

    Hi, I'm Mike Mettler. Graduated from Stanford with a CS degree, ran my own software company during college, worked for a venture capital firm for a few years, and am now finishing my MBA at Harvard. Looking forward to meeting everyone - I'm mettler -at- gmail.

    Hi, I'm Ethan Herdrick. I'm a programmer. I'll be an unregistered SS stowaway/pirate this weekend. Currently I am doing contract work in the Seattle area. I have started two failed web startups of my own (most recently: something much like Paul Rademacher's Housing Maps). My friend Mike McElligott and I applied to the Summer Founder program and were rejected (though not before having an email conversation with PG). I'm looking forward to meeting all of you. email/gmail/herdrick (206) 250 1820

    Hi all, I'm Peter Macko, currently a sophomore at Brandeis University majoring in Computer Science and Math. So far I have just worked on free software; you can find some at www.aific.com. My main interests are game programming, server-side applications in general, and 3d graphics. I am currently working in DEMO Lab on their server-side applications for BEEweb. You can reach me at pmacko [at] brandeis [dot] edu.

    Hi! My name is Karl Hanf. I am currently doing some protein design research, helping a company here in Cambridge use the software that I and others developed at MIT. Mostly I use perl, for the protein design and for miscellaneous small projects of my own, like a program to automatically reprice items listed for sale, e.g. on half.com . I have savored programming in Mathematica, so I am looking forward to hearing Stephen Wolfram. My other "start-up" project is helping my 4-year-old son satisfy his hunger for knowledge! I'm also interested in critical thinking and designing games. Unlike the stereotypical startup founder whose life is consumed by the startup for a few years, I am interested in choosing fun and do-able projects that can be done part-time. I'm excited to meet so many ambitious people tomorrow, and to hear Paul Graham, Steve Wozniak, and Stephen Wolfram! You can email me at gmail dot com, username karlhanf .

    Greetings. My name is Brian Ford. I'm an engineer for the company that is the leading supplier of networking equipment and network management for the Internet. I'm an internal entrepreneur and technology evangelist with one product and several feature successes under my belt in my current job. I'm probably also one of the more elder participants after having last passed my 45th birthday. I'm a security geek. I believe that knowledge is power and that using available tools and protocols networking and security professionals can be given information that would help them make better decisions much more quickly than they do today. I can be reached at ohbrian at gmail.