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Live too far away

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I live in another country but I'll really like to have the information that will be shared in the startup school. lortabs Can a recorded version be made available to me, please?

Thanks, Seun seun.osewa@gmail.com

Anyone: Will there be any official recordings of the event? Is recording allowed? Will the event take place in just one location? Seun: Are you looking for audio, video, text transcripts? I think it might be beneficial to have this material widely available.

matt (matt@megaglobal.net)

According to the faq, podcasts will be most likely made available- http://startupschool.org/faq.html. conrad b

hi, I also live too far away. Eagerly waiting for the audio broadcasts ~ratnose

I don't live very far away at all, but I'm stupid. Can you speak very slowly in the recordings please? Thank you.


Gah! I actually live very close by, but I'm going to a friend's wedding that day, so I'll be looking forward to the MP3s as well.


I've studied this page off and on, hoping for some sort oftempurpedic broadcast. But, now after being enlightened, I'm very much looking forward to a recorded version!