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Startup School

People Staying There

Name Location Email At Hostel Room # Phone
Ben Atkin Flagstaff, AZ ben at benatkin.com Yes! 112 (928) 380-0656
Mike Caudy New York, NY mcaudy at med dot cornell cot edu ?
Rich Collins Tampa, FL richcollins at gmail.com Yes 305 813-391-1080
Ladar Levison Dallas, TX ladar [at the] nerdshack [dot] com ?
Alexis Rondeau Vienna, Austria alexis dot rondeau at gmail dot com yes! 311 no phone for me, only my austrian mobile
José María Ruiz Málaga, Spain josemaria at ieee dot net yes 307
Dwight VanTuyl Ypsilanti, MI dvantuyl at gmail [dot] com ?
Ted Tagami Berkeley, CA digitalbuddha > gmail yes 209 - & roommates have stale laundry!! :/ 510-684-9773
Drew Yates Columbus, OH myself at drewyates36 dot com Drew Yates and Drew Yates Business: Fizbang Web Design yes 214 (419) 276-0931

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Saturday Night Party

Starts @ 8pm at the Asgard

Hey Let's Go party!

Already at the Boston Hostel?

Thursday @ 9pm: Hostel Karaoke and Bar night adult video download

The hostel is organizing "karaoke night" for the people tempurpedicstaying here at one of the local bars. You must sign up at the desk and the group leaves at 9pm. Since there will be alcohol, you must be at least 21 years old. I thought it would be fun if a bunch of people went together to kick off the weekend. Call me (Drew) at 419-276-0931 if you're interested in going tonight.