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Startup School

Quick Contacts

Add yourself to this list and keep the information as concise as possible. Alphabetical order, please.

Name: Jaba Adams

Name: Kartik Agaram
Residence: Austin, Texas
Current: PhD student

Name: Robbie Allen
Residence: Boston, MA and Cary, NC
E-mail: rcallen@sloan.mit.edu
Current: Technical Leader, Cisco Systems; Author and Editor, O'Reilly; Grad student, MIT

Name: Ben Atkin
Residence: Flagstaff, AZ
E-mail: ben at benatkin dot com
Phone: +1 928-380-0656
Current: Freelance Work

Name: Zach Baker
Residence: Downey, CA
E-Mail: zach@zachbaker.com
Current: Just left game developer Luxoflux to work on startup.

Name: Leo Bayer
Residence: Austin, TX
E-Mail: lfbayer gmail
Current: Software Engineer, AlterPoint Inc.

Name: Paul Beckingham
Residence: Somerville, MA
E-mail: paul at beckingham dot net
Current: Software Engineering, Fidelity Investments

Name: Peter Bowen
Residence: Cambridge, MA
E-mail: pzbowen at gmail.com
Phone: +1 617-803-7062
Current: Field Engineer, Novell, Inc. (Desktop group)

Name: Carl Tashian
Residence: Cambridge, MA
E-mail: carl at tashian.com
Current: Senior Engineer, Zipcar

Name: Reg Braithwaite
Residence: Toronto, ON, Canada
E-mail: raganwald+startupschool@gmail.com Phone: 416.486.6734
Current: Freelance work, startup

Name: D. Scott Brown
Residence: Philadelphia, PA
E-mail: d.scott.brown at gmail.com
Phone: 267.625.5075
Current: save the world. partners wanted.quick overview: new paradigm for human computer interaction. algorithmic comprehension of freeform natural language.

Name: VOIP
Residence: kelowna, BC E-mail: Internet Telephony at www.cliconnect.com
Current: VOIP, VOIP

Name: Ben Bryant
Residence: Lexington, Ky
E-mail: iambenbryant at gmail.com
Current: co-founder; withTXT.com SMS collaboration and data application

Name: Mike Buckbee
Residence: Virginia Beach, VA
E-mail: mikebuckbee[at]oddpost.com
Phone: 330.329.8016
Current: Project Manager at a software company. Programming at night because I just feel like I need to code.

Name: Brent Bushnell
Residence: Santa Monica, CA
E-mail: brent at izolo dot com
Phone: 310.621.1515
Current: developing web-based apps for small businesses & UCLA CS undergrad

Name: Lee Butterman
Residence: Somerville, MA
E-mail: leebutterman@gmail.com
Current: Grad Student, Classics; text-to-speech/nlp/etc for Latin

Name: Keith Casey
Residence: Falls Church, VA
E-mail: keith@caseysoftware.com
Phone: 703.963.8997
Current: CEO, CaseySoftware, LLC; Core dotProject Contributor

Name: Michael Caudy
Residence: New York, NY
E-mail: mcaudy@med.cornell.edu
Phone: 718 884-1342
Current: Biologist: molecular genetics; genome database datamining software; genomic DNA sequence pattern analysis

Name: Chris Cera
Residence: Philadelphia, PA

Name: Wayne Chang
Residence: Boston, MA
E-mail: wayne.chang@i2hub.com
Phone: 978.869.3446
Current: CEO, i2hub.com; Director, Pacific Northwest Software

Name: Graham Coleman
Residence: Atlanta, GA
E-mail: ravelite at gmail dot com
Phone: 706-254-0261
Current: MSCS at Georgia Tech

Name: Mike Coyle
Residence: Philadelphia, PA
E-mail: mcoyle at botonomy dot com
Phone: 215.833.2537
Current: Managing Director, Botonomy LLC

Name: Ryan K. Culpepper
Residence: Hot Springs, AR
E-mail: ryan.k.culpepper on google's mail thing
Current: Graphic Designer, Inventor, Lunatic

Name: Michael Dakin
Residence: Revere, Mass.
E-mail: ss-wiki@mdakin.mailcan.com
Current: I'm currently developing various ideas and writing software.

Name: Branimir Dolički
Residence: Munich, Germany
E-mail: bdolicki@branimir.com
Phone: +49 170 7322152
Current: Working for a telecom company. Thinking of bootsraping a software business in my free time.

Name: Michael Ducker
Residence: Boston, MA
E-mail: miradu@miradu.com
Current: ECE undergrad, Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering & Editor, TreoCentral.com.

Name: David Dundas
Residence: New York, NY
E-mail: dundas at kefentse dot com
Phone: 617.953.6366
Current: Business Development Manager, Thumbplay Inc.

Name: Ramesh Durairaj
Residence: Santa Clara,CA
E-mail: dramesh at gmail
Phone: 408.202.0485
Current: Sr Engineer/Architect - Network, Working for a startup

Name: Jeremy Edberg
Residence: Santa Clara, CA
E-mail: jedberg at gmail
Phone: 408.967.8264
Current: Security Engineer, eBay Inc./PayPal Inc.

Name: Anthony Elizondo
Residence: New Brunswick, NJ
E-mail: startupschool at split.org
Phone: 732.910.4107 (cell)
Current: Web Developer, Vonage

Name: Adam Ely
Residence: Pensacola, FL
Current: Co-Founder 780 Inc.

Name: Lucas Englehardt
Residence: Boston, MA (Brigham Circle)
E-mail: lucas.englehardt gmail
Current: System and Process Assurance Associate with PricewaterhouseCoopers

Name: Chris Erbach
Residence: Toronto, ON
E-mail: designfu on gmail
Phone: 647.201.0738
Current: Undergrad, University of Waterloo

Name: Brian Duffy
Residence: Albany, NY
E-mail: bduffy@nycap.rr.com
Phone: 518.438.1895
Current: IT Manager, NYS Gov't

Name: J Aaron Farr
Residence: Pittsburgh, PA
E-mail: farra@apache.org
Phone: 724.516.0610
Current: Software Engineer, Sony, ASF member

Name: Andrey Fedorov
Residence: New Brunswick, NJ
E-mail: fedorov@rutgers.edu
Phone: 201.647.7623
Current: Undergrad, Rutgers University

Name: Eric Floehr
Residence: Marysville, OH
E-mail: eric at floehr dot com
Phone: 614.440.0130
Current: Moonlighting on ForecastWatch.com. I'm 35, and currently program Python, Ruby, and Java.

Name: Eduardo Flores
Residence: México City, México
E-mail: eduardofv _ google mail
Phone: 52-55-5985-8452
Current: Custom sw development startup fusion mx software

Name: Jamie Folsom
Residence: Cambridge, MA
E-mail: jamiefolsom /aht/ gmail /daht/ com
Phone: 617-669-0852
Current: Web App Developer, Schemer; politics, alternative energy, social marketing, language, international development

Name: Abtin Forouzandeh Residence: San Jose, CA E-mail: abtinf@gmail.com Phone: 408-887-4986 Current: Software developer by day, trying to launch a startup by night.

Name: Luc Fueston
Residence: Worthington, MN
E-Mail: carcdr@gmail.com
Phone: 507.372.7606
Current: Work-from-home Lead Dev for small company (and moonlighting for others) in the northern plains.

Name: Benson Fung
Residence: Naperville, IL.
E-mail: fung[dot]benson[at]gmail[dot]com
Phone: 630-632-5991
Current: Software Engineer at a high growth small company, FirstLook.biz

Name Danny Gagne
Residence: Boston, MA
E-mail: danny[ a t ]dannygagne.com
Phone: 617.571.7781
Current: Senior at Northeastern University, College of Computer Science; Currently on co-op at mitre.org on a semantic web project.

Name: Frederick Giasson
Residence: Quebec
E-mail: fred at fgiasson dot com
Phone: 418.265.2012
Current: Independent worker, consultant for a social software firm

Name: Brendan Gibat

Residence: West Virginia
E-mail: brendan dot gibat at gmail dot com
Phone: 3046951337
Current: NASA intern, undergrad student.

Name: Adam Goldstein
Residence: NJ
E-mail: adamg at oreilly dot com
Phone: 201.306.2253
Current: High school senior, O'Reilly author, and programmer.

Name: Thom Goodsell
Residence: Arlington, MA
E-mail: thom [dot] goodsell [at] mac [dot] com
Phone: 617 281 7316
Current: Application Engineer (optimization engine team) at Oracle Retail (formerly Profit Logic)

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E-mail: simongriffee |at| gmail |dot| com
Phone: 510-467-9112
Current: Graphic and web designer, photographer, guitarist, traveler.

Name: Seth Gross
Residence: Colorado Springs, CO
E-mail: seth dot w dot gross at gmail dot com
Phone: 719.510.3841
Current: Consultant by day, Starting it up at night

Name: Altay Guvench
Residence: Somerville, MA
E-mail: altay [at] post [dot] harvard [dot] edu
Current: Aspiring entrepreneur, aspiring rockstar (The Great Unknowns)

Name: Rajat Gupta
Residence: Hyderabad, India.
E-mail: rajat.gupta [AT] gmail
Current: Advetta Inc.

Name: Chris Hajer
Residence: Riverside, IL (Chicago)
E-mail: chris [at] servicesheet dot com
Current: co-builder ServiceSheet.com and motorcycle hacker

Name: Karl Hanf
Residence: Billerica, MA
E-mail: On gmail, username karlhanf
Current: Consultant/programmer for Biogen Idec, protein design

Name: Stefan Hayden
Residence: Boston, MA
E-mail: alt255 [at] gmail dot com
Phone: 908.208.3540 Current: Web Designer @ Sconex.com

Name: Nick Hays
Residence: Needham, MA
E-mail: nicholas.hays on gmail
Current: ECE undergrad, Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering

Name: Adrian Heilbut
Residence: Boston, MA
E-mail: aheilbut on gmail
Phone: 617.512.6124
Current: computational biology, CombinatoRx Inc.

Name: Beau Hartshorne
Residence: Vancouver, BC
E-mail: hartshorne on gmail
Phone: +1 778 786-3296
Current: Loggr, accounting for creatives

Name: Nathan Hessler
Residence: Columbus, OH
E-mail: xmilestegx on gmail
Phone: 614.397.7479
Current: Undergrad at Ohio State getting CSE

Name: Ethan Herdrick
Residence: Seattle, WA
E-mail: gmail: herdrick
Phone: (206) 250 1820
Current: Contracting at telecom company.

Name: Tiago Henriques
Residence: Lisbon, Portugal
E-mail: tiago.henriques on gmail
Phone: +351 938 095 098
Current: Freelance Sun trainer and consultant

Name: Drew Houston
Residence: Cambridge, MA
E-mail: houston@alum.mit.edu
Phone: 617.697.6795
Current: Principal, The Accolade Group LLC (online test prep)

Name: Tim Howland
Residence: Newburyport, MA
E-Mail: th@wdogsystems.com
Phone: 978-225-8494
Current: starting up http://wdogsystems.com

Name: Lou Huang
Residence: El Cerrito, CA
E-mail: lou@ocf.berkeley.edu
Phone: 510.364.0641
Current: Architect, freelance web designer.

Name: Ryan Hubbard
Residence: Needham, MA
E-mail: ryan.hubbard@students.olin.edu
Phone: 423.384.1627
Current: Systems Engineering at Olin College

Name: Saleem Hussain
Residence: Cambridge, MA
E-mail: saleem at alumni.duke.edu
Phone: 617.395.0252
Current: working on predictive healthcare stuff at ibm

Name: PJ Hyett
Residence: Naperville, IL
E-mail: pjhyett@gmail.com
Phone: 630.710.4012
Current: CS Undergrad juggling a handful of web projects

Name: Nigel Jacob
Residence: Newton, MA
E-mail: nsjacob@gmail.com
Phone: 617.717.8644
Current: PhD student. DataminingForDemocracy.

Name: Jason Jho
Residence: Raleigh, NC
E-mail: jasonjho@gmail.com
Current: Software Engineer, Mobile Healthcare

Name: Nash Kabbara
Residence: Houston, TX
E-Mail: nash@oplink.net
Phone: 713.922.7266
Current: Software Engineer

Name: Kelvin Kakugawa
Residence: San Francisco, CA
E-Mail: kakugawa at google's mail
Phone: 415-505-6471
Current: Law Student (2L) w/ a BS in CS

Name: Luke Kolin
Residence: Roswell, GA
E-Mail: luke@sce.net
Phone: 678.645.2177
Current: Dad, the Kolin Family - moonlighting as corporate Java code monkey

Name: Eric Kretzer
Residence: Champaign, IL
E-Mail: kretzer att gmail dott com
Phone: 217.766.6547
Current: Software Engineer, NCSA

Name: Devon Krisman
Residence: Waltham MA
E-Mail: devon at cs.brandeis.edu
Phone: 781-529-3457
Current: CS/Math Major, Sophomore Undergrad

Name: Frank Krueger
Residence: Bellevue, WA
E-Mail: fak at praeclarum dot org
Phone: 206.300.7962
Current: Programming Control Systems

Name: Alex Krupp
Residence: Ithaca, NY
E-Mail: amk63 at cornell dot edu
Phone: 607.351.2671
Current: CS undergrad

Name: Edmond Lau
Residence: Cambridge, MA
E-Mail: edmondlau on gmail
Current: MIT Computer Science Masters Student

Name: Brian Ledbetter
Residence: Cambridge, MA
E-mail: brian.w.ledbetter@gmail.com
Phone: 614.296.4362
Current: Software Engineer StarBak Communications, Inc.

Name: Mikhail Ledvich
Residence: Boston, MA
E-mail: mikhail{at}clickfacts dot com
Current: Co-founder ClickFacts, Inc.

Name: Ladar Levison
Residence: Dallas, TX
E-Mail: ladar [at the] nerdshack [dot] com
Current: Founder of the Nerdshack, a free e-mail service

Name: Peter Macko
Residence: Waltham, MA
E-mail: pmacko [at] brandeis [dot] edu
Current: CS undergrad

Name: Bryan Maloney
Residence: Boston, MA
E-mail: rafuzo [at] spamcop.net
Current: Sr. Software Engineer, Lextranet

Name: Steve Markham
Residence: Schenectady, NY
E-mail: steve.markham@gmail.com
Current: Engineer at a corporate research lab; working on MS-ECE at GA Tech.

Name: Kim McCraw
Residence: Needham, MA
E-mail: kim.mccraw@gmail.com
Current: Olin College, ME

Name: R. Scott McIntire
Residence: Charlestown, MA
E-mail: mcintire_charlestown@comcast.net
Current: Financial Engineer in Boston

Name: Roberto Mello
Residence: Provo, UT
E-Mail: rbm at nafpik.com
Current: Software Engineer, RemedyMD

Name: Miguel Menchu
Residence: Cambridge, MA
E-Mail: menchu at mit dot edu
Current: MIT, undergrad CS

Name: Chris Murphy Residence: Needham, MA E-Mail: chris at students dot olin dot edu Current: Olin College, ECE (senior)

Name: Sam Murphy Residence: Pueblo, CO E-Mail: XXsamXX.XXXmurphyXXXX@gmailXXXXX.com, X='' Current: foopow.com

Name: Alan Nouri
Residence: Troy, NY
E-Mail: altano@bigfoot.com (hey, I like spam)
AIM: rabo karab
Current: Undergrad (RPI), web app fanatic, freelancer, language collector

Name: Sam Odio
Residence: Charlottesville, VA
E-mail: sam@odioworks.com
Current: Student double majoring in Econ / Finance & Own OdioWorks, LLC

Name: Dave Page
Residence: Albany, NY, USA
E-mail: ss at dave-page dot com
Phone: +1(518)253-3032
Current: Freelance embedded systems design. CFI.

Name: Eliazar Parra
Residence: Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.
E-mail: ely.parra@gmail.com
Phone: (52)
Current: Building prototype of an aide-mémoire webapp.

Name: Dan Parks
Residence: Cleveland, OH
E-mail: dnsparks at juno dot com

Current: Developer of in-house insurance systems; JavaScript/Perl/Smalltalk aficionado; musician (String bass)

Name: Dan Phillips
Residence: Belvidere, IL
E-mail: dan.phillips@gmail.com
Current: Utility Infrastructure Services at Lucent Technologies

Name: Doug Porter
Residence: Indianapolis, IN, US
E-mail: dsp at dsp.name
Phone: +1 317 578 7442
Current: senior systems architect at a startup

Name: Tom Porter
Residence: Albany, NY
E-mail: Tom.X.Porter at Gmail
Current: COBOL wage-slave

Name: Seth Poulos Residence: Austin, TX
E-Mail: spiderwire at mail dot utexas dot edu
Current: 2nd Startup

Name: Colin Putney Residence: Lowell, MA
E-Mail: cputney@wiresong.ca
Current: Developer of network performance management software

Name: Dev Purkayastha
Residence: Somerville, MA
E-Mail: dev at for great justice dot net
Current: Web Developer for BzzAgent, a word-of-mouth marketing startup.

Name: José María Ruiz Aguilera
Residence: Málaga, Andalucía (Spain)
E-mail: josemaria@ieee.org || jose_maria@softhome.net
Current: Ending final thesis in CS, second year in Physics, CEO of Innovagic.

Name: Paul Rohr
E-mail: paul.rohr at gmail

Name: Alexis Rondeau
Residence: Vienna, Austria
E-mail: alexis.rondeau@gmail.com
Current: Founder of "Semapedia.org - The Physical Wikipedia", research on Grid Computing and Creativity-methods in technical contexts

Name: Shimon Rura
Residence: Arlington, MA
E-Mail: shimon@rura.org
Phone: 857-928-3028
Current: A week of vacation hacking on Voo2do, then starting as an engineer at Renesys.

Name: Niki Scevak
Residence: New York, New York
E-mail: niki.scevak@gmail.com
Current: Founder of Homethinking.com, a zagat guide meets eBay feedback rating system for helping home sellers choose a realtor.

Name: Jason Scheirer
Residence: Riverside, CA
E-Mail: scheirej@cs.ucr.edu
Current: Part-time (trying to pay off student loans, applying to grad school)

Name: Chintan Shah
Residence: Santa Clara, CA
E-Mail: kathi.shah@gmail.com
Phone: 408.496.6000
Current: QA Lead at E-Loan

Name: Kevin Shockey
Residence: Gurabo, Puerto Rico
E-Mail: kevin at x-cito dot com
Phone: 787.410.2058
Current: Program Manager for SNAP Platform

Name: Daniel Silva
Residence: Boston, MA
E-Mail: dsilva@ccs.neu.edu
Phone: 617-359-0182
Current: CS PhD student, Harvard; AdvTech intern, IBM Watson Research.

Name: Christian Simms
Residence: Cherry Hill, NJ E-mail: csimms at botonomy dot com
Current: Managing Director, Botonomy LLC

Name: Ramsey Tantawi
Residence: Cambridge, MA
E-Mail: ramsey [at] oscillations.org
Phone: 617.869.6121
Current: IT Manager at medium-sized nonprofit

Name: Drew Taylor
Residence: Newton, MA
E-Mail: drew [at] drewtaylor.com
Phone: 617-276-5459
Current: Independent consultant

Name: Matthew Teece
Residence: Portsmouth, NH
E-Mail: mteece(at)gmail.com
Phone: 603.828.8095
Current: Web Application Developer, PixelMEDIA, INC.

Name: Aarjav Trivedi
Residence: Atlanta, GA
E-Mail: aarjav (on) gmail.com
Phone: 404.429.5667
Current: Advanced Product Development Engineer CipherTrust. Graduate Student in C.S., Georgia Tech

Name: Michael Trosen
Residence: Enfield, CT
E-Mail: mtrosen {at} turinglabs.com
Phone: 860.462.2007
Current: Chief Architect, Turing Labs, LLC and Application Architect, ADVO, Inc.

Name: Sergei Tsarev
Residence: Washington, DC
E-Mail: sergeitsar gmail
Current: Technical Manager, SW Dev, AOL.

Name: Adam Thorsen
Residence: Baltimore, MD
E-Mail: adam.thorsen@gmail.com
Phone: 208.310.9524
Current: starting up (dating site)

Name: Jarrod Trainque
Residence: Cambridge, MA
E-Mail: jarrod [at] trainque [d0t] com
Phone: 617-281-3291
Current: Knowledge Management, Circles.com

Name: Andrew Wilcox
Residence: Portland, ME
E-Mail: awilcox@andrewwilcox.name
Phone: 617-848-9511
Current: starting up (collaborative database)

Name: Ben Woosley
Residence: Austin, TX
Phone: 512-576-2206
Current: B.S.E.C.E., UT-Austin; Software, SigmaTel.

Name: Jordan Woerndle
Residence: St. Louis, MO
E-Mail: jordan52 ^a^ gmail
Phone: 314-374-5174
Current: Java Architect for Cardiovascular Research.

Name: David Wong
Residence: Somerville, MA
E-Mail: dave at 19walker.com
Phone: 617.669.7340
Current: Partner, pod consulting.

Name: Cory Wright
Residence: San Antonio, TX
E-Mail: cwright@standblue.net
Phone: 210-722-1500
Current: Systems Engineer at Managed Hosting provider

Name: David Wurtz
Residence: Boston, MA
E-Mail: dave@students.olin.edu
Phone: 516-319-5869
Current: Undergraduate bioengineer at Olin College.

Name: Joel Meyer
Residence: New York, NY
E-mail: joel.meyer at gmail dot com
Phone: 919.451.3975
Current: Software Engineer, Xanga.com

Name: John Hornbeck
Residence: Lawton, OK
E-Mail: hornbeck at gmail dot com
Phone: 580-917-1549
Current: Owner/CTO Oklahoma Computer, Software and Robotics

Name: Mike Sidorov
Residence: Piscataway, NJ
E-Mail: msidorov at gmail dot com
Phone: 646 942-0738
Current: Software Engineer, Thomson Financial, NY

Name: Jeremy Mims
Residence: Cambridge, MA
E-Mail: jeremymims at gmail.com
Phone: 203-449-7447
Current: Co-Founder of Mims & Meruani

Name: Steve Morin
Residence: Queens, NY
E-Mail: steve.morin gmail.com
Phone: 646-249-3745
Current: Software Engineer QuickStore24

Name: Tim Spalding
Residence: Portland, ME
E-Mail: timspalding at librarything.com
Phone: 207-899-1910
Current: LibraryThing; freelance web dev. and search engine optimization

Name: Ted Tagami
Residence: Berkeley, CA
E-Mail: digitalbuddha > gmail
Phone: 5106849773
Current: UNIVERSUS: collaborative media networks

Name: Michael Vandenberghe
Residence: Salt Lake, UT
E-mail: h3knix at gmail.com
Current: senior software developer, Overstock travel.

Name: Aaron Zinman
Residence: Cambridge, MA E-mail: azinman @ /media/mit/edu Current: Grad student at the MIT Media Lab, all around superstar.

Name: Sergey A. Mirkin Residence: Santa Cruz, CA
E-Mail: fignamoya > gmail
Phone: 408-807-2945
Current: CS student at UCSC

Name: Mikhail Gurevich Residence: Brookline, MA
E-Mail: mike(at)clickfacts.com
Current: EE at BU